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Photo above:
Gib (with beer) and Gary with a recent bamboo composite board, this time covered with Balsa. Kauai 2007


My brother Gregg, a sustainable agricultural consultant in Ukiah, CA (since 1975!) felt strongly that the world could be better with minimal use of petro chemicals in agriculture. He also advocated the use of biological pest controls, composting and other sustainable farming practices.

Gib and Gregg taught me how to windsurf and were early supporters and test pilots. They also taught me the value of bamboo and sustainability.

In the beginning………….

Bamboo surfboards were first conceived while I was making Woodwinds Sailboards™ of wood veneer and epoxy in the 1980’s. Two people were instrumental in encouraging my thinking:

Gib Cooper, grew up a San Diego surfer. When I first met him, he lived in Ukiah, Nor Cal and was getting into windsurfing. Gib understood what I was trying to do with laminated wood surf and sailboard skins. He first showed me some bamboo veneer and spoke of its strength in about 1982. Gib is still into bamboo and with wife Diane own Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery, now in Gold Beach, Oregon.


Gregg Young on the first form laminated wood veneer sailboard. Named ‘Gordo’. Sans sail, but with the old “windsurfer” mast box and daggerboard slot, it was 10’ – 6” long with an Expanded PolyStyrene - EPS - foam core. Pretty light when built, it got heavier from the foam soaking water. 1979, Lake Mendocino.

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